Introducing Simboostr's web application excellence

Welcome back to our journey through the Simboostr universe! After a brief introduction to Simboostr in our previous blog, we're turning our focus to the beating heart of our system—the Simboostr Web Application. This digital pitwall is where racers, both beginner and experienced, gather to access a collection of insights, fine-tune their skills, and connect with a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Join us as we unravel the features, functionalities, exploring not only the home and session pages but also navigating the intricate landscapes of the track map, onboard video, and car setup features. The road to improved simracing performance continues!

Home page

As you land on the home page, Alfie, our AI race engineer, personally greets you with a brief video tutorial, guiding users on how to make the most of Simboostr for efficient improvement. Here's where you can activate any discount coupons you've got and stay in the loop about the newest features we've added to the software.

Session page

On this page you can see your logged sessions in chronological order. You may apply various filters helping you find sessions you’re looking for quickly.

Analysis page

After choosing a session, you can see the specific information on the analysis page. Here, you can pick from your laps and compare it to the reference of your choice. This page contains various valuable information about your performance. Below, you’ll see a detailed description of the 3 major parts of this page, the Trackmap, Simboostr Onboard and Car setup.

Track map

On the right side of the Analysis page, the track map is divided into smaller sections. These sections represent interconnected corner combinations, straights or individual corners. This way you can analyze smaller sections separately instead of the full lap, allowing you to process smaller amounts of information at a time. With this method, you can build the perfect lap step by step. On the left part, the time differences of your section to the chosen reference section is showcased. The Focus Section is the part where you lost the most amount of time, so it is advised to start your analysis on this part as you have a high potential to make improvements here.

Simboostr onboard

Explore the onboard page featuring a recorded reference lap done by our team’s driver. With extensive experience in simracing and ongoing engagement as a competitive gokart racer, our driver brings great expertise. This video is particularly recommended for those in the early stages of getting familiar with the track, offering a comprehensive overview of the lap for effective self-comparison.

Car setup

This page offers you the option to compare your car setup to a selected reference. Here you gain insights into the setups used by the various members of the Simboostr community. In the analysis after your next race, you can see your performance and compare the differences caused by the change of even a single setting, such as your speed on a straight.

Final thoughts

As we wrap up the exploration of Simboostr's opportunities, we trust you've uncovered great insights that will transform your Simracing experience. From navigating the thorough track map to fine-tuning your setup, the second part of our tutorial series aimed to equip you with the tools needed to elevate your performance. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to implement these newfound skills on the virtual track. Until next time, happy racing!