Revolutionize your simracing game with Simboostr

In this blog, we'll explore how Simboostr transforms your simracing journey, offering a suite of features designed to amplify the thrill, hone your skills, and deliver an unparalleled racing experience. Get ready to discover the power of Simboostr and unlock the full potential of your virtual racing adventures.

What is Simboostr

Simboostr is a cutting-edge data analysis and consulting software designed to elevate the driving skills of simulation racers. This innovative tool delivers AI-controlled advice, providing racers with valuable insights into their driving data presented through informative graphs. Simboostr guides drivers in identifying specific track sections where improvements can be made, comparing their performance to reference data and enabling a targeted approach to skill enhancement.

Who is Simboostr for

It's tailored for simulation drivers seeking skill improvement without the time-intensive process of learning data analysis over weeks or months. It's ideal for those who desire a quick and straightforward tool that efficiently highlights mistakes made on the virtual racetrack, offering easy insights for rapid skill enhancement.

What do we provide

Simboostr delivers a cloud-based online service accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. Users can tap into coaching support 24/7, as their AI race engineer stands ready for assistance. The cloud-based functionality ensures the safe and organized storage of limitless data without burdening users' personal storage. This eliminates concerns about file space while granting immediate access to new features within the Simboostr web application, without the hassle of downloading updates. Our software meticulously analyzes user-driven aspects like braking, throttle application, steering, and shifting. The AI algorithm then contrasts these data points with its own reference's performance, presenting the disparities through insightful graphs. This accelerates the identification of user weaknesses without the need for lengthy lap analysis. Currently focused on enhancing one-lap performance, our software also contributes to the consistent development of overall racing capabilities. In addition to performance analysis, users can compare their car setups with fellow Simboostr users, refining their skills in car customization. The flexibility to change the reference lap allows users to compare their performance with teammates or friends using Simboostr software.

How do we recommend using Simboostr software

To make the most of Simboostr, users require two essential components:

- Simboostr logger

- Simboostr web application

The Simboostr logger is a user-friendly desktop application compatible with the Windows operating system. It efficiently gathers data from the gaming platform, transmitting it to the secure cloud-based server for storage and analysis. The installation process is a breeze, involving just a few clicks, and the application has Microsoft certification for added safety. While the logger is flexible enough to collect data from console games (Xbox, PlayStation), it necessitates a PC with a Windows operating system to operate. The logger's setup tutorial provides users with a comprehensive guide on connecting their computer to the console to ensure data transfer.

After registration on the Simboostr web application, users can easily download the logger. This is the surface for racers to view and analyze their collected data.

In wrapping up this first segment of our series on Simboostr, we’ve dived into the essence of our innovative data analysis and coaching software. Simboostr isn't just a tool; it's an ally for simulation racers seeking to elevate their driving technique. By providing AI-driven insights and eliminating the complexities of data analysis, we've crafted a solution that helps racers to see their weaknesses and improve their performance on the virtual racetrack. Stay tuned for the upcoming parts of this series, where we'll explore the features, and benefits that make Simboostr a game-changer in the world of simracing.