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Experience the future of lap time improvement with Simboostr, designed exclusively for F1 players looking to boost their performance. Ready to revolutionize your racing experience?

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The Simboostr Experience

Engage in a practice session in F1 while Simboostr
silently records your performance data.
Alfie, your AI race engineer, spots time losses and offers actionable tips for improvement.
Return to the track, equipped with Alfie's insights,
and put your newfound knowledge into action.
Leverage Alfie's guidance to fine-tune your driving
technique and car setup, resulting in faster lap times.
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Examine every corner and straight to master your racing line

Dive deep into your laps. Analyze every section - corners, straights, and complex combinations. Compare your performance to a reference, pinpoint time loss, and visualize your track position with an interactive map and onboard view. Gain insights to master every inch of the race.

Analyze your setup, make changes, and boost lap times

Unlock the secrets of speed. Examine your car setup against the reference. Make adjustments that transform your lap times. Simboostr empowers you with the tools to fine-tune your vehicle for peak performance on the track.

Getting Started: Data Logging

Simboostr DataLink silently works in the background, collecting every valuable detail of your gameplay. Install it exclusively on your Windows PC, but it seamlessly operates while you play on PS or Xbox as well. It's an essential tool for starting to understand your performance and identifying areas for improvement.

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Our Team

Meet the Simboostr Team – professionals with a background in motorsport, data analysis, and software development, united to enhance your simracing journey. We are ready to shape a new era in simracing, bringing valuable insights to help you boost your performance on the virtual race track.
From race engineers to racers.


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