A deep dive into Simboostr's section analysis

Welcome back, fellow racers! In this leg of our Simboostr tutorial journey, we continue our road through the Simboostr web application. Last time, we got familiar with some of the basic pages, and now, we'll explore the interesting world of section analysis. From checking out your braking technique to the interplay of throttle and steering, every aspect will be under the microscope. And that's not all — you’ll also see how Alfie, your AI race engineer, guides you through with his insights. Buckle up for a ride into the core of Simboostr's capabilities!

Section analysis

Dive into the section analysis page that allows you to evaluate a given section and give you an overview on your mistakes and your accomplishments compared to the reference. You have the option to see the analysis from 4 different aspects, data types: braking, steering, shifting and applying throttle. The graphs show 3 types of information to see what happens and understand the reason for it. The horizontal axis (x) represents the meters on the track, while on the vertical axis (y) you can see the value of the data type with its unit of measure. See the order below:





Comments from Alfie

Explore Alfie's comments, your personalized guide to understanding the ups and downs of your chosen data curves. In this section, Alfie breaks down various aspects of your driving, pointing out key details that can help you shave off valuable tenths or even seconds from your lap times. One of the aspects is the difference between the brake application points expressed in meters. The graphs also include highlights of the comments for you to see the details exactly.

Map of the Simboostr Section

Navigate the track map to see the differences between your lap and the reference lap. Clicking on the graphs or Alfie's advice instantly guides your car to specific points on the map. This interactive feature helps you pinpoint areas that need improvement, providing a dynamic visual aid for refining your performance.

Onboard view

View the onboard recording of Simboostr’s reference lap. It is interconnected with insightful graphs so altogether you see what happened on the track from the driver’s point of view. With the help of this tool, compare your actions to the reference in crucial aspects, such as braking, and memorize the parts of the track that need improvement for a better lap time.

Final thoughts

As we roll through the details of section analysis, explore the onboard video view, and catch some wisdom from Alfie, we're wrapping up this blog. We've unpacked even more features of Simboostr, giving you a solid tool to up your racing game. Stay tuned for more insights!